Strip Loin with Thai Style Barbeque Glaze

Recipe for 4

4 10 oz Sirloin/strip Steaks
2 fl oz white Vinegar
4 oz Ketchup
4 fl oz Soy Sauce
3 oz Sugar
3 chopped Thai Red Chilies
2 OXO CUBES (beef) dilute in 4floz HOT water


Combine all the ingredients (except the steaks) and reduce over high heat by 50% or until becomes a syrup consistency.

Set aside, place a cast iron skillet on the stove and allow to get as hot as possible (might want to open the windows in the kitchen first) lightly season each steak with salt and cracked pepper and carefully place them in the skillet. Each side should take three minutes .let rest for approximately 5 minutes in a warm place. Then slice each steak as thin as you can, fan the meat on the plate and nap the sauce over the top!